Barrow, Alaska | June 13-18, 2018

Openings still available!

We will be photographing the birds that go to the Arctic tundra around Barrow for breeding.  These include shorebirds, arctic terns, loons, all four species of eiders, jaegers, phalaropes, gulls, and songbirds.  Possibly snowy owl.  We will be fully immersed in the Arctic experience with 4 full days and two half-days to explore the tundra and photograph the birds in this very special place.  The sun in up 24 hours a day at this time, so our shooting times will be dependent upon the light and the weather.  We will most likely sleep in a couple shorter segments each day rather than one long night to maximize our time in the field and make the most of the good light and bird activity.  We will keep an eye on the Arctic shoreline and the sea ice for polar bear as we head out and back to the open tundra.  

Please contact me for more details.  

The images below were made on our June 2017 trip.