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I was visited by an American Robin when I was four years old. That experience set the course for my life.

One Saturday morning, while waiting to go with my Dad to get free sand for our sandbox, I sat in the back of our family station wagon parked in the driveway. The robin flew in, landed on the tailgate, and curiously looked at me. The bird then hopped up on my lower leg and continued its way up until it reached my small hands, where the robin settled in comfortably. A few minutes later my Dad came out and saw his four year old son holding this wild bird and went back in for Mom and the camera. After 10 minutes or so the bird was ready to go, but it left a lifetime of impression on me.

Eventually, I grew up and earned my B.S. in Ecology at the University of Illinois, taught environmental education in for nine years, got my Masters in Secondary Education, and currently teach middle school science in Arizona. Starting out as an avid birder in the United States, I have been to many great places in our country and have seen over 630 species in the lower 48. While I truly enjoy birding, I have evolved into more of a bird photographer and find that I witness and learn more by watching birds through my lens.

I hope my images allow you to see birds and nature in ways you may not normally get to, encourage you to get out there and explore, and to fall in love with the natural world all over again.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my website. If you would like to see my most recent adventures, be sure to visit the blog!

P.S.  I also photograph people and pets.  Send me a message if you're interested!

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