Bryan Holliday Photography | Testimonials


I have had the great pleasure of sharing adventures with many wonderful friends.  Here's what some have shared after our photo tours...


I took my first photography workshop from Bryan at “Wings over Willcox” in 2015. I was rewarded with the opportunity to spend the day with a fun teacher, a knowledgeable “birder” and a very accomplished, award-winning photographer. The result was an enjoyable workshop that resulted in a significant improvement in my wildlife photography. I have since been shooting with Bryan numerous times including Madera Canyon, Bosque del Apache, the Miller Canyon area in the Huachuca Mountains and every year at White Water Draw. Each adventure is filled with new species, improved techniques and wonderful stories. He is never at a loss to tell you about his 8th grade students, Midwest family or his beloved Chicago Cubs. If you get the opportunity to go on a field trip with Bryan, I would recommend you sign up!!

Ken Samuelson


I was fortunate to be on the initial Bryan Holliday photo workshop to Barrow, Alaska.  It was a "bucket list" experience for me.  Bryan's knowledge of the area and the targeted bird species maximized our time photographing.  Bryan's technical knowledge and teaching techniques were a major reason why I came away from the shoot with a portfolio of nearly every expected targeted species, plus a few unexpected.  I would recommend Bryan to any photographer, whether a novice of professional.  Bryan is the consummate photographer, teacher, and tour leader.  

Tony Battiste


In June of 2017 I had the opportunity to join Bryan and a mutual friend for a week of birding photography in Barrow.  I had been told by my friend that Bryan was an exceptional photographer but was still surprised by the extent of his knowledge.  He was especially helpful in explaining techniques for capturing birds in flight and the need to work in the manual settings mode.  An additional benefit for me was his knowledge of the pluses and minuses of various equipment options.  This eventually led me to upgrade to the Canon 5D Mark IV and to pair it with the Canon 400 DO IS II Lens - a combination that has worked wonderfully.  When you attend a workshop you obviously expect knowledgeable instruction.  A very big bonus is when your leader is personable, readily approachable and a general pleasure to associate with - all of which Bryan most certainly is.  If you should decide to accompany Bryan to Barrow, you will increase your bird photography skills while enjoying the unique environment that is Barrow.  After all, where else can you reliably see and photograph all four species of Eiders and find Red Phalaropes on every pond?

Jack Rasmussen 

Fairbanks, Alaska